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Home Buying "Secrets" Revealed
Be an educated Atlanta, GA home buyer. Caution: This may be information overload!

Home Selling "Secrets" Revealed
What you need to know to get your house sold in Atlanta,  Georgia.


Yes, you probably can do it all by yourself.  Just like you could represent yourself in a court of law.  But why make it hard on yourself. We are trained professionals who work with buyers and sellers everyday.  We'll listen to your goals and hopefully show you different options you might not have thought of.  Let's meet and talk about what's best for you.  

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Where we do Business
Our market area is in the north metro Atlanta area.  We service Cobb County, north Fulton County, Dekalb County, Forsyth County and Gwinnett County.  We are very familiar with Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Buckhead, and Midtown.  We have sold homes inside the perimeter and outside the perimeter.  We can't know everything so for clients who want to look for property in Peachtree City, Newnan, Stone Mountain, Douglasville, Macon and areas further out we will gladly recommend a good agent who specializes in those areas. We help buyers negotiate with builders for residential new construction houses. New houses in Atlanta are hot right now. We can represent you in the purchase of your new house built by any of the following builders: Torrey Homes, MDC Homes, Centex Homes, Pulte Homes, Morrison Homes, Ryland Homes, John Wieland Homes, Winmark Homes, Meridian Homes, John Willis Homes, Benchmark Homes and many more home builders. We can help clients find short term apartments for rent but normally we don't work with clients who are just looking for rentals.  We do help clients find Atlanta condos.  We can also help you purchase HUD homes in Atlanta.  We are an authorized agent with them and have the HUD key to get into HUD homes.  We have access to foreclosure homes that banks want to sell. We love showing executive homes and luxury homes. We always like to know how people find our site.  Send us an email and tell us which search term you used. Some terms that we might be found by are realty Atlanta, Ga homes, Atlanta realty, condos Atlanta, Atlanta realestate, Atlanta property, houses Atlanta, Atlanta realtors, Ga houses, or realtors Atlanta.  Maybe you found us by typing in Atlanta MLS listings, or Atlanta MLS search, or MLS Atlanta GA. Hopefully we don't come up under nursing homes or funeral homes. It is always amazing to me how the Internet can allow total strangers to find each other and build new business relationships.  It truly is becoming a small, interconnected world.








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*Our database has both the GA MLS and FMLS combined.

We have more pictures than because many listing agents don't pay the $700/year upcharge for multiple pictures of their listings to show up on their site.  Also, doesn't show addresses.  It's basically a site to try to get you to have to call the individual listing agents.

There's many other Realtor sites with the same system that we have. But just about every one requires you to register with your email address and phone number.  Guess what, you're going to start getting all sorts of unsolicited phone calls and emails.  

The Difference:

We know most home buyers want to check out homes anonymously at first and then when they are ready, they want to hook up with an agent who knows what they are doing. That's our simple concept.  No registration, no phone calls, no email spam, as much property detail  as allowed.  When you are ready to look at and buy a home, you'll give us a call.

Tap into Our Agents' Collective Knowledge

Want To Buy A Home But Have To Sell Your Home First? You have options.  But you have to stop dreaming and face reality. What's my house really worth? Will anyone appreciate my home as much as I do?  Is my future dream home out there at a price I can afford?  What are all the costs involved in buying?  What if I just build an addition to my home?  more>

Save Thousands of Dollars by Using a Buyers Agent
In Georgia real estate law it used to be all real estate agents legally represented the home seller.  Now, even though the home seller in most cases still pays the real estate commission for all the real estate agents involved, the home buyer can make their real estate agent sign an agreement stating that their Realtor will only look out for the best interests of the home buyer.  It's actually a Georgia law.  Without this written buyer agency agreement, a buyer's agent can't do any advising or thinking for the home buyer.  They are limited to just doing "ministerial acts" .  Find out how a real estate buyer's agent can save you thousands of dollars.  more>

Negotiate for Top Dollar! Negotiating a great deal when buying or selling  a house starts with knowing what motivates the other side.  It also requires you to position yourself as a person of resources who can actually get the deal done.  Any one can demand anything and hold firm.   But it takes skill to figure out what the other side really needs and motivate  them to want to do business with you.  It takes some thought up front to get yourself in a more powerful negotiating position.  You need to be seen as the one person who can solve their  problem. more>

Stucco, LP, Poly what? Know How to Spot These Potential Problems

Are these really bad products or just a lot of hysteria?  Probably a little of both. Some things can be dealt with and some can't. Sometimes it doesn't matter what the truth is anyway.  If enough people perceive it as a problem you will have a problem when it comes time to sell your home. Find out what to look for when buying Atlanta real estate. more>

Power Lines. Dangerous or just Ugly? How do They Affect the Price of Atlanta Real Estate?  

Again, perception is everything. Make sure you don't pay too much for Atlanta real estate backing up to power lines.  more>

Home Title Insurance

Don't buy an Atlanta home without it.  You could lose your house and still have to continue making the mortgage payments.  That nightmare can be avoided for just a few hundred dollars. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. more>

You Probably Can Afford More Houses Than You Think.
There are dozens of Atlanta home loan choices. If you are not going to live in your home for 30 years why pay a higher rate for a 30 fixed mortgage? Consider a 5 or 7 year adjustable home mortgage with a lower interest rate.  How about an interest only home loan? They're not for everyone but at least explore your options before you buy. more>

Getting Top Dollar For Your Home Isn't Rocket Science! Three critical factors affect the sale of  homes: Condition, Price, and Exposure. If any one of these is off you'll pay for it. You'll get a  lower price or your home will sit for sale for an eternity.  What about a super salesperson who can talk someone into buying your home?  Right, and I'm Joe Isuzu. Want to buy a home? more>

Be Ready for Some Turbulence

What? We can't guarantee a home sale with no problems?  Well, you know the saying "The best laid plans of mice and men...."  What we can offer is our seasoned  real estate experience when things get bumpy.  We've seen or heard about almost every problem out there.  Here's a list of 88.  When something or someone screws up, we know what to do or who to call. more>


1.Insurance CLUE reports. Don't trust the Seller's Property Disclosure.

2. The no closing costs gimmick

3. The Realtor processing fee. A junk fee you should never pay.

4. The Buyer's Agency Agreement.  Be sure to read the fine print.

5. The builder's preferred lender is usually  no bargain.

6. New home inspection is a must.

7. Internet lenders. The games they play.

8. Appraisal basics.

9. Title insurance. Don't pay too  much.

10. Closing costs. Who pays what?

11. Home Warranty. Is it worth it?

12. Inspection clauses. Why agents usually use the least beneficial one.

13. How a Buyer's agent can save you money.

14. Beware of the agent with all of the signs!




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REALTOR Group Practice

Doctors and lawyers have group practices.  Why not REALTORS? 

One lone agent can't know everything. One lone agent can't keep tract of what's going on around the entire metro Atlanta area. 

HomeAtlanta has attracted some of the most experienced and successful agents in the Atlanta area and brought them together to create a real estate mastermind.  Each agent is responsible for keeping up to date on 10 to 20 subdivisions.  When you call them up about a specific home, most of the time they'll be able to give you first hand information about it.  They don't have to sugar coat the facts because most likely they will not be the listing agent.  That's the beauty of working with a buyer's agent.  You can get unbiased opinions. A buyer's agent doesn't "sell" you a home. They take you shopping and help you select and evaluate the home that is best for you.

Evaluate our agents and pick one you feel comfortable with.  Our group practice allows all of our agents to share the experience and specialized knowledge of each member.

How We Help Home Sellers
Prepare plan of action
Advise on price
Prepare home
Market to public
Market to agents
Follow up feedback
Client updates
Negotiate contract
Negotiate inspection
Monitor removal of conditions
Prepare for closing
Attend closing
After closing follow up

How We Get Paid 
Do you want a Taxi or a Limo ride?
Referral $$$$

Our clients say it better than we can. We know Atlanta real estate.


Yes, you probably can do it all by yourself.  Just like you could represent yourself in a court of law.  But why make it hard on yourself. We are trained professionals who work with buyers and sellers everyday.  We'll listen to your goals and hopefully show you different options you might not have thought of.  Let's meet and talk about what's best for you.

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